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The wait is long and anxious. But you can get ahead of the Marriage Visa queue. It is not completely out of your hands.


Here are the 6 tips to get in front of the line.


1. Get your finances in order:

Too many people underestimate the cost of applying for a marriage visa. Not preparing for it can create hiccups and delay the process.

Tip: Source for personal loans or payment plans selected migration agencies offer

2. Document your relationship:

No we don’t mean the “Big Brother” type. Start collecting every piece of evidence that shows you and your partner are committed to your relationship.

Tip: Invest in a good colour scanner or photocopier. Alternatively look into ‘cloud’ storage options for organising and arranging your documents, so they are ready to present to your migration agent for review.

3. Official documents:

From birth certificates to passports, not every country labels them similarly. They can be a source of confusion, especially when the deadline for submission is getting close.

Tip: start collating and copying them now. You know you need them. Why not get it done now.

Bonus Tip: Remember if they are not in English, have the documents translated by an accredited translator. Visit http://www.naati.com.au

4. Start doing more things together:

This may sound silly but the department will look at every angle possible to ascertain the authenticity of the relationship. Scam marriages are increasingly common. Expect greater scrutiny even in the most ridiculous areas of your lives.

Tip: Keep a record of meetings/appointments with a real estate agent, wedding planner, doctors appointments you have with your partner and all the associated paperwork.

Bonus Tip: Be sure to snap more pictures of the two of you with family, and friends together – be it a picnic, a concert, a friend’s kids 1st birthday or that day at the beach!

5. Know all the steps and processes

You have to take for the marriage to be officially acknowledged. Having the marriage solemnised isn’t enough. It has to be registered.

Tip: Speak to a migration agent specialising in marriage or partner visa. They take away all the guesswork and bring you clarity.

6. It’s a lot of work for one person to handle.

There are documents to be sourced and produced, government agencies to attend to, forms to be filled, and so on. It can be a full time job.

Tip: Split the tasks between you and your partner, 2 heads are better than one!

Get ahead of the queue by getting the right things done well. It takes time to do so but it is time well spent. So get started now, even if you have not appointed a migration agent.


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