The Hon Tony Burke MP gave a final speech in the senate this afternoon that will warm the hearts of those aspiring to become Australian Citizens.

At the end of the senate sitting afternoon, Tony announced that the Governments Citizenship Bill – the one meant to make it really hard to become an Australian citizen – has been struck off the list of bills to be debated – meaning the bill is no longer before Parliament and will not become law.

“This is a great victory for every person who wants to pledge allegiance to this country and make a commitment to Australia,” Mr Burke said in the Senate.

What does this mean to you?

The removal of the bill means those citizenship applications which were frozen when the Government first introduced the bill April 2017, could now be processed – and many are calling on the Department of Immigration to begin working to remove the backlog of applications.

The good news continues, with the following requirements also now rejected:

  • Demand for university level English
  • More than 10 years wait to apply (remains at 1 year after becoming a permanent resident)
  • Integration Test
  • Increase in Ministerial Discretion
  • Changes to rules for Children born in Australia
  • Limit to the number of times you can sit the Citizenship Test
  • Backdating of changes to April 2017


What should you do now?

The Department of Immigration has confirmed that current applications, and future applications, will be assessed under the current requirements – not under the proposed harsher and tougher requirements announced earlier in the year.


If you think you may be eligible, you should APPLY NOW.

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Australian Citizenship Changes - Rejected

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