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Having extended family members in your life and the lives of your children can help you build a strong, healthy family. We are very lucky that our kids have access to both sets of grandparents as they all live within the state of Western Australia.


Family, you can’t choose them, but they do have a role in our lives that no one else can.

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As detailed below there are a many positives to keep extended families together and close by when charting the peaks and troughs of raising children:

Benefits of Involving Extended Family in Child Rearing

1. Support and Encouragement for Parents. Parenting is tough, but having the involvement of extended family members can offer the benefit of support and encouragement for parents. Raising children comes with both good times and bad times, and extended family members can offer the support needed when times get tough. Adult extended family members may even be able to provide some assistance with childcare, providing parents with a much needed break from time to time.

2. Improves Self Esteem and Self Worth in Children.  When extended family members are involved in child rearing, it also provides the benefit of improving self esteem and self worth in children. The relationships children build with extended family members can provided them with a better sense of identity and support, improving the way they feel about themselves.

3. Links to Other Interests and Ideas. The involvement of extended family members in a child’s life can also offer links to other interest and ideas. Aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents may have ideas, interests or skills that are different from those of their parents. Read full article here Keeping families and extended family members connected as detailed above has many benefits to all. But remember a holiday visa is always granted at the discretion of the Department of Immigration so it is worth considering a more permanent visa pathway, we would love to help make Australia their destination of choice and find the right pathway so your parents can come and stay permanently in Australia and enjoy the lifestyle that you are already experiencing.

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