First of all congratulations! As you embark on this new journey you will need a strong captain that has the practical experience and knowledge to chart the best visa course for you and your loved one.

What Migration Australia WA does is provide couples, like yourselves, with our 4-stage strategic partner visa pathway; which works to reduce your ultimate stress, ensures you have all the right information so you are prepared thoroughly thereby improving your chances of success to secure the required visa so you can be together, call Australia home and enjoy the Perth lifestyle.

Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa Australia

Migration Australia WA is your compass on your migration journey

Are you on the right course?

  • A prospective marriage visa is one that you apply for outside of Australia.
  • This visa must be granted while you remain outside Australia.
  • After the visa has been approved you are then able to join your fiancé in Australia.
  • This visa is only valid for 9 months.
  • It is a requirement of this visa that you get married within this period.
  • You can then proceed and apply for a Subclass 820 spouse visa.
  • One of you is an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealander.

Migration Australia WA know that there are many details that need to be finalised when planning your marriage, we are happy to help you get your bearings and point you in the direction of various small businesses that would love to make your vision a reality.

But the best way we can support you and your fiancé is to focus on what we do best; we work to navigate the waters of uncertainty with you, easing your workload from start to finish; we are your reference point when it comes to migration law and work to make your visa journey as smooth as possible.

We trust this new part of your journey is filled with wonderful experiences. We look forward to charting the best course for you so you can call Australia home and start to enjoy the Perth lifestyle.

If you are already married, you may be able to apply for a partner visa.

If you aren’t married, but have been living together, you may be able to apply for a de facto visa.

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