Have you considered a Parent Visa?

Family is precious; getting to live in Australia is also precious.

As you embark on this new journey you will need a strong captain that has the practical experience and knowledge to chart the best Parent Visa course for you and your loved ones.

 What Migration Australia WA does is provide families, like yourselves, with our 4-stage strategic visa procedure; which works to reduce your ultimate stress, ensures you have all the right information so you and your family are prepared thoroughly; thereby improving your parent(s) chances of success to secure the required visa so you can be together, call Australia home and enjoy the Perth lifestyle.

Migration Australia WA is your compass on your migration journey

Are you on the right course?

  • A contributory parent visa temporary is one that your parent(s) apply for outside or inside of Australia
  • There is a requirement that your parent(s) satisfy the Balance of family test. The test is that the parent must have 50% or more of their children as Australian Citizens, Australian permanent or eligible New Zealand citizens.
  • This visa can only be granted while your parent(s) are outside of Australia). There is no bridging visa attached to this visa application. Therefore your parent(s) would need to remain in their home country until the grant of the visa.
  • But parents can apply for tourist visas to stay in Australia for periods of time.
  • There is a possibility that while applying for a tourist visa, your parents may be granted one with a 2 year duration, multiple entries and up to 12 months stay per entry. However, this is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of the case officer at the time.
  • This is a 2 stage visa application process.

This visa route is a long journey filled with peaks and troughs. We will work to chart the best course for you so you can call Australia home and start to enjoy the Perth lifestyle.


See our blog post on aged parents and another opportunity that has recently arisen that would allow your aged parent to chart a course to Australia.

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