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” Towards the end of 2020 my Partner and I approached Mark to help guide us through the application process for Australian Citizenship. Mark and the team were very patient with us and made sure we were 100% correct with our answers to the numerous questions from DHA.. “

Thannaphatson S

Citizenship Client

Citizenship benefits

Now is a great time to apply for citizenship. This is a very exciting time and possibly a goal that has been years in the making.

  • Get an Australian Passport
  • Defer University Fees - study now, pay later and get Government help
  • Call Australia Home - No more visas for Australia
  • Vote and have your say in how Australia is run
  • By calling Australia home, and having an Australian Passport, you get hassle free travel in and out of Australia and easy access to nearly 200 other countries

Discover our Citizenship Help

Australian Citizenship is the most essential and last step to your migration journey. This is where you choose to become an Australian citizen. This step is where you make a commitment to an ongoing dedication to Australia and its people.

Migration Australia is a trusted agency that will help you to apply for your citizenship and become a part of the Australian community. If you are seeking to take this very important step on your migration journey – Migration Australia can help!

Our skilled Migration Consultants can:
  • Determine your eligibility for Australian Citizenship
  • Offer you with complete advice on your eligibility and the Citizenship process
  • Guide you in preparing for your Citizenship test and interview
  • Help you book your interview appointment
  • Compile and submit your Citizenship application with the Department of Home Affairs and work with you until you receive a decision.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Thannaphatson S - Client

Mark and the team will guide you on where to subscribe for test questions. In April 2021 I successfully passed the Test and at the end of July 2021 I became an Australian Citizen. Thank you Mark for your patience and encouragement. I couldn't have done it without you

Adam W - Client

We had a couple of meetings with a few different migration agents before deciding to proceed with Migration Australia. Mark met with us and gave us the confidence through his knowledge that we could apply. I would highly recommend Migration Australia to anybody.

Heather D - Client

The team were very attentive and knowledgeable. Everyone i spoke to was very friendly and made the process as easy as possible for myself and Coral. They answered emails very quickly and kept me in the loop every step of the way. I would recommend the team to anyone looking for help or advice

About Us

Mark Ellis

Principal Migration Agent
MARN: 1385700

Mark is passionate and knowledgeable about migration law, so you don’t have to be!

He is there as we say to get your “ducks in a row”. You are unique and trying to fit into the preferred government boxes can be a challenge and you need a direction and a strategy that works for you, and that’s what you have Mark for; ensuring you are on the right journey so you can make Australia your Home Forever.