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Imagine; you are a traveller free, not a care in the world, ready for new experiences, new discoveries and just when life couldn’t get any better you meet a certain someone, a drink becomes a meal. A meal becomes endless conversations and lots of time together and a little change in course happens, we like to call love and you find yourself in a very happy and fulfilling relationship.

One of you is from Australia and one of you is from another part of the world. Everything is great, you feel you are on a wonderful journey of discovery together, you might even be living together starting a new life in Australia, then comes some uncertainty. Your current visa is about to expire. You want to know your best route to ensure safe passage.

“Mark and his team are extremely friendly, helpful and obviously knowledgeable. They guided us from start to finish through a process which we knew nothing about and explained it all so we understood it.

Thank you for helping us with the start of our lives together.”

Alan Y – Partner visa applicant

What a Partner Visa gives you?

Now every partner visa is unique just like your relationship. But lets look at what happens when you reach your final destination:

You remove the uncertainty of your relationship status as once granted your relationship is suddenly on a much more solid footing.

You and you partner have found a port to call home.

You can work in Australia with no restrictions, so it’s a great time to think about exactly what industry and profession you want to be in or who knows you may want to start your own business.

How to apply for a partner visa?

Migration Australia WA’s job is to navigate the waters of uncertainty with you, easing your workload from start to finish with our 4 stage planning pathway; we are your reference point when it comes to migration law and work to make your visa journey as smooth as possible.

We work with you and your partner’s unique situation.

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