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The 10 Myths About a Marriage Visa You Must Avoid

No one can guarantee you a visa to reside in Australia. Not even a MARRIAGE VISA.

Yet, we are sure you have been given these assurances. Here are 10 other myths you must know.

1. Its easy! Others have done it themselves

No two cases are alike. Every case is UNIQUE. Do not make the assumption your circumstances are similar to a friend’s, or something you read on a Forum page.

2. Its Faster to Do-It-Myself

Why should it be? Every case is evaluated on its merit; NOT WHO LODGED IT. Quick tip – an experienced migration agent knows exactly what needs to be done. We can shave days, weeks or months off the preparation stage.

3. The More Evidence, The Better The Chances

No! This isn’t a numbers game. Does saying “I Love You” to your spouse or partner many times a day mean you love him / her more? Its the QUALITY OF THE EVIDENCE.

4. You Don’t Need A Lot of Evidence

If you think producing a Marriage Certificate is your passport to live in Australia together with your spouse, WRONG! See above: there are documents that need to be produced to prove it is a committed relationship and marriage. Its the QUALITY OF THE EVIDENCE.

5. I’m An Australian; My Spouse / Partner Has The Right to Reside In Australia Too

All around the world, scam marriages are being clamped down on. It’s no different here in Australia. The authorities have to be convinced your marriage is GENUINE and you are both COMMITTED to it.

6. As Long As The Marriage Isn’t A Fake, The Visa Will Be Granted

In theory, yes, this makes sense. But the chances of administrative errors and misinterpretation in the evaluation process can never be ruled out. Working with a migration agent can eliminate this risk.

7. Why Do We Need A Migration Agent? We Know Enough

The law doesn’t require you to engage a migration agent. You can DIY. 3 tough questions you have to ask yourself first?

a. Do you have the TIME (there is the wedding, work or business, house being built, etc)?

b. Do you have enough knowledge to understand the types of documents and the TECHNICAL labels of the various documents you need to supply?

c. Are you prepared for the possibility of errors and having to RE-LODGE?

8. Any Migration Agent Will Do

No. It is best you work with a migration agent who has dedicated his / her work to marriage or partner visa. It makes sense; they have seen more, they know more. Why risk it?

9. Why Do We Need to Document Our Relationship

Yes, you don’t have to. However, the case officer has not witnessed your relationship blossoming. There is no way he or she can tell that it is a committed union. Even if he or she shot the cupid arrow, there is still a need for documentary evidence.

10. I Can Get A Marriage Visa Even If My Last Application Was Refused

Not true. A previous rejection is a reason for greater scrutiny. In such cases, all the more the quality of your evidence is critical. This is a key reason for engaging a dedicated migration agent.

If you can avoid these 10 myths, that marriage visa is closer than you think. The best start you can give yourself and your spouse / partner is to speak to a migration agent who specialises in a marriage visa. Their guidance is invaluable.

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