The Time for Australian Citizenship is Now

Australian Citizenship

Now is a great time to apply for citizenship.
This is a very exciting time and possibly a goal that has been years in the making.


Secure your future in Australia now – No more visas

There are many benefits to becoming an Australian Citizen:

  • You can vote in Australian elections and have a say about how the Australian government impacts you
  • You can apply for elected positions within our political system (you do need to be a sole Citizen for federal parliament though).
  • You are given preference for any jobs in the Australian Defence Force or Australian Public Service
  • You can enter and exit Australia with no restrictions, and stay outside of Australia for as long as you want (Covid dependant at this time)
  • You can apply for an Australian passport (which means no more Visas!)
  • You can receive help from Australian officials whilst overseas – Consular help
  • You can register your children born overseas as Australian citizens.
  • You can apply for a government loan to defer University costs.
  • You can visit and live in New Zealand without time constraints
  • You can adopt children in Australia.
  • You can represent Australia in international sport.

For many clients of Migration Australia, this is the last step to really and truly calling Australia their permanent home and something very precious to take into the future for them and their families.

Citizenship like all immigration is a personal pathway as it always depends on your background and particular circumstances.

Key Points:

-Timing matters.
Between visa application, grant, and applying for citizenship

A fee is payable

This is payable to the Australian government to lodge your application, click here

How we can help:

– Making sure you are eligible, important if you have travelled in and out of Australia.
– Making sure you are lodging a valid application
– Making sure you are applying for the correct type of citizenship for your circumstances. You don’t want to have an invalid application or not meet the criteria and waste your money and time.
– Getting it right the first time
– Many clients have benefited from the resources we have provided when it comes to a successful outcome on their citizenship test.

Home Affairs will also have a great deal of information if you would like to read further