As your Migration Agent, we navigate the waters of uncertainty with you to reduce stress and gain clarity easing your workload from start to finish. Working with you and your partner’s unique situation.


Missing your mum? Having extended family members in your life and the lives of your children can help you build a strong, healthy family. Get the extended family support you need.


So you have received a Visa Refusal Letter? We are here to help, this is a challenging time but you are now no longer alone. Let’s work together to see what the best way forward for you will be.

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The 10 Myths About a Marriage Visa You Must Avoid

The 10 Myths About a Marriage Visa You Must Avoid No one can guarantee you a visa to reside in Australia. Not even a MARRIAGE VISA. Yet, we are sure you have been given these assurances. Here are 10 other ...
My Visa is Expiring What now

“My Australian Visa Is Expiring”: 3 things to do NOW

Does this sound familiar? “HELP! My Australian Visa Is Expiring” We’ve heard it many times. From busy at work or school, “I was having a good time traveling the country” to “I thought I had more time”, we’ve heard it ...
Visa Refusal, Australian Visa Types

The 3 Horrors of A Wrong Choice of Australian Visa Type

Oh no …   No word can describe the disappointment of a rejection decision from the Department of Border Protection and Immigration. Before you now is an unfulfilled dream; the opportunity of a better life for you and your spouse ...

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