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Planning your journey with Migration Australia WA

We trust this new part of your journey is filled with many new discoveries.

Migration Australia WA – Migration Agent Perth

We look forward to charting the best course for you so you can call Australia home and start to enjoy the Perth lifestyle.

This is how we care for you every step of the way.

4 Stage Pathway

1. Initial Appraisal 2. Written Plan 3. Submission 4. Monitoring
  • Will give you a clear understanding of the visa process, for bringing your partner or family to Australia.
  • Allows you to make an informed decision on the most cost effective pathway for you.
  • You obtain qualified advice on the migration law as it applies to you and your loves ones particular situation.
  • We chart your course through the migration laws and visa requirements.
  • Writing legal statements on your behalf.
  • Gathering the paperwork needed to proving that you have a genuine relationship.
  • Ensuring only the correct forms need to be completed, saving you time.
  • Presenting your relationship in the best possible light to the case officer.
  • Writing a legal submission that ties everything about your relationship (including the paperwork) to the law that allows the Department of Immigration to give/grant your partner the visa.
  • We work with you to reduce the stress associated with getting the right paperwork collated.
  • Working with you to meet all the crucial deadlines.
  • The legislation ensuring you will receive the current visa information and available options.
  • Receiving and converting all legal correspondence from DIAC into language that actually makes sense so you can respond correctly.

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