My Visa is Expiring What now

Does this sound familiar?

“HELP! My Australian Visa Is Expiring”

We’ve heard it many times. From busy at work or school, “I was having a good time traveling the country” to “I thought I had more time”, we’ve heard it all. They are common occurrences. What can you do when it happens to you?

The 3 things you must do:

1. Seek Expert Advice

The Internet is a rich resource of everything you need to know about everything. From blogs to forums, you’ll never be short of a word wisdom, occasionally peppered with personal experiences. At best, they remain good to know. They are unlikely to be problem solvers.

At this stage, what you’ll really need to know is where do you stand. You might have an idea, but it is unqualified. A migration agent is the first stop you must make. It is possible they have handled a similar case. If not, they have sufficient knowledge of the law to make better sense of where you stand. Having clarity of this is the most vital step you must take now.

Our experience has shown the worst thing anyone can do in this situation is trying to resolve the matter on their own. Without the relevant experience and knowledge, it is a risk. The best thing you can do is to invest in a face-to-face session with a migration agent. It is a worthwhile investment to gain knowledge about your Australian Visa.

What will you get in return?

2. “I can make an informed decision”

You’ll be faced with decisions to make, especially if you’ve decided to stay on in Australia. You’ll need more than just information to make these decisions. Your grasp of migration laws is critical. However, it is unlikely you’ll have them especially if:

  1. You’re not a citizen of the country
  2. You’re not trained to interpret the laws

What you need is a strategy to address the situation. Making hasty, ill-informed decisions can be the death knell of your intention to reside in Australia. Why risk it?  Be a in a good place, be informed, have a plan.

Migration agents aren’t there to fill the forms for you. Their foremost responsibility is to help you understand the situation you’re in and explore possible pathways. They can’t decide on your behalf; they can, however, give you the information and insights to help you make better decisions. Engaging a migration agent who specialises in a specific aspect of migration is the ideal. They know the twists and turns, ins and outs of the relevant migration law. It lends greater assurance – you need this most now.

3. Minimise the negative impact

“My Australia Visa Is Expiring Soon”. Can you secure an extension? Is there an alternative temporary visa type for you? What is the advantage of going offshore for a period of time? More questions, more decisions. If any gives you temporary relief, it should be considered while you work on the long term solution. Your migration agent may have the short-term solution for you. Whatever length of time you’ll be given, each day is an opportunity for you to work on a long-term solution towards your Australian Visa. Each day is precious. Do not forgo this opportunity. Speak to a migration agent.


Its not the end of the road when your Australian visa is expiring. There are things you can do to gain permanent residency in Australia. Unless you’re a trained migration agent, you will lack the insights to mitigate the problem. All it takes is 45 minutes to be clear of your situation and the steps forward.

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