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Oh no …


No word can describe the disappointment of a rejection decision from the Department of Border Protection and Immigration. Before you now is an unfulfilled dream; the opportunity of a better life for you and your spouse / partner has vanished. What remains is a series of “what ifs …” . If only you had chosen a different Australian Visa Type

Over the years, we have met a number of clients who could have avoided this horror. Most took the DIY option to lodge their permanent residency application. Working on information provided by the department as well as other’s experiences, they took on the task themselves. For many it becomes an experience best forgotten. 

Often times, we discovered problems could have been avoided had the right Australian Visa Type been chosen. Unfortunately without the guidance and counsel of an experienced migration agent, it would have been difficult to discern the right choice. The experience of a migration agent can paint a clearer picture of your circumstances. It is helpful in the discernment process. But many remain unconvinced of the need for a migration agent. Below are 3 horrors of a migration application gone wrong. Maybe these will change your mind.


1. Horror #1 Money down the drain

It is an expensive undertaking. For some, it takes away a significant portion of their savings; others may have to resort to borrowing. But you can’t put a price on love and the opportunity to be with your loved one in this wonderful country, can you?

A big sacrifice is expected. Aside from the fee due to the department, there is the cost of travelling, gathering the evidence, and perhaps time away from work or business. They all add up. Once done, comes the anxiety and stress of waiting. It should not bring your everyday life to a halt, although in extreme cases, it can. It is understandable; a new future, or not, awaits. This emotional investment is often overlooked.

When a rejection is received, its money down the drain – there are no refunds. Whatever you have spent now looks more costly than it did initially. The “what if’s” follow. Sadly it is only at this stage you begin to entertain the thought of engaging a migration agent. Hopefully it is not too late. But what if it is …

2. Horror #2 The door is shut tight

In an extreme case, your choice of Australian Visa Type may leave doubts in the assessor’s mind. It’s a classic case of “why did you do this when you could have done that … what’s up … hhhmmmm?” 

A black out period can be excruciatingly long and painful. It can wear you down. You’ll be overcome by disappointment and disillusionment. They drain you, physically and emotionally. A dream is gradually changing to a nightmare, leaving you helpless. Again, “what if … .”

A Houdini act may be needed to get you through the door. Unfortunately migration agents aren’t magicians. They are bounded by migration laws, like you too. Where they have the edge is experience. They live and breathe migration; they are exposed directly to a wide range of scenarios. During that time, they learn to contextualize applications and evaluate their respective merits accordingly. Like a good forensic scientist, they know where the trail starts and ends. In a nutshell, they know more. This depth of knowledge and experience is the price you pay for engaging them, something you do not possess.

What can this depth of knowledge and experience do? They guide you in the discernment process to make informed decisions. This is a worthwhile investment, if you truly cherish your marriage / relationship and the chance of a better life here in Australia.

3. Horror #3 the possibility of separation

Has it happened; can it happen? We have seen enough – trivial and silly it may sound to some, but separation has occured when a couple can’t be together. Why risk it?

Migration agents who are specialists in the area of partner or family visas, their  primary motivation is keeping families together. It’s their KPI. It’s a big challenge to achieve this; after-all love isn’t something that can be captured by filling the blanks in a form. Being specialists, they know what needs to be produced to evidence this love and relationship.

With the stress and anxiety that comes with applying for residency, having an assuring hand to hold you is a relieve. It keeps you going, especially when it is impossible to put your everyday life on hold. Too many people ignore or overlook the strain the process can have leave on their lives. Leaving as much as possible of the process in an expert’s hands is a worthwhile investment. Your future is at stake; why risk it.  


Before you make your next move, ask yourself this question: Which of the horrors above are you willing to accept? We bet none. If you value your relationship and your partner or spouse, you need to invest in it. Saying “I love you” isn’t enough. Act on this love. Never put yourself and your relationship on a trail of “what if’s … .”

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