Planning Australian Visa types

How does it feel to be granted residency in the country of your choice? Great, we reckon, especially when you recount the hoops and hurdles you had to go through. It’s not that the process has been made difficult for you. Fact is, there are steps in place. But without planning, you risk getting lost in the myriad of steps.

In this article, we share a key step in identifying the Australian Visa Type most suited for you, which has helped many of our clients experience less stress and anxieties in the process – PLANNING.

Why Planning Is Important


1. Know Your Options

Have you ever wondered whether that visa you are considering works best for you? If you have not, you should. Fact is, there may be other Australian Visa Types that can increase your chances of success. Our first advise to potential clients is to keep their options open. Once they have attended a strategy session with a senior partner of our agency, they will be in a better position to make an informed decision. Like they say, never visit a supermarket when you’re hungry!

2. Quality of Evidence 

There is a huge body of evidence required to support your application. However, this isn’t a matter of quantity – the more evidence you have, the higher your chances of being granted a visa. On the contrary, a massive amount of irrelevant evidence may slow the process down. We get clients to focus on the quality of the evidence – how well does the evidence support your position. This may require time; hence, planning.

3. Minimise Impact of Unexpected Situations

Make room for unexpected situations – Murphy’s Law rules in all situations. But with planning, you can minimise the impact of it.

4. Budget For It

It is a costly exercise. In addition to fees due to the migration agency, you will need to set aside funds for the relevant government fees, medical, police clearances, payments to other 3rd party agencies to certify documents; to name a few. Government visa application charges obviously vary according to visa type. Hence, planning for the right Australian Visa Type is critical. Nothing can be more frustrating than to have spent and failed because of the inappropriate choice of visa. Planning a budget to meet all your visa application expenses is a wise move.

5. Timeline and Datelines

Preparing to make the final lodgement requires time. At the same time, life has to go on too – work, studies, minding the kids. For most, it is difficult to pull the brakes on everyday life. Plan a timeline and datelines to keep you on track. When done, it can eliminate or reduce the stresses and anxieties inherent in the exercise.

Deciding to take up residency in a different country is an exciting endeavour. For some, it is an opportunity to start life anew or a new phase of life. Don’t let this excitement be dampened by the stresses and anxieties of the application process. Start planning for your Australian Visa Type, and make the process a part of the wonderful journey of life in a new country.

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