Migrating to Australia

“Is this the right time?”

It is a common question we are asked at the first meeting. Our response to this question:

  1. Have you arrived at a decision?
  2. Are you ready to act on this decision?
  3. Can you commit the time and financial resources over the next 12-18 months?

If the answer is “Yes”, we say “Yes, this is the right time.” The fact is, there isn’t a right time to kick- off the process. There isn’t a hunting season for lodging a residency application.

Whilst there will always be immigration policy changes to meet the wider needs of the country , it’s difficult to anticipate a change that may work in favour of specific Australian Visa Types. Immigration policies are just one of several instruments the government uses to adapt to changing demographic profile of the country. When it will be used is a prerogative of the government.

Why NOW is always the right time?

Planning is critical. Here’s a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin:

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

You may get away without planning for some things in life; but if residing in Australia is important to you, why risk it? Planning doesn’t guarantee success. Howevever, not planning or inadequate planning to see through the process can set you up for failure. Here are the reasons:

1. Financial Obligations

There are fees to be paid. Afterall, it is an investment in your and your family’s future. There aren’t payment plans for the associated government fees, although credit card payments are accepted. The good news is, more migration agencies have payment plans. Depending on your financial situation, some are accommodating. But remember, they remain obligations that have to be fulfilled. Spacing them out can reduce and smooth out the financial stress. Without proper planning, you may find yourself in a tight squeeze.

2. Evidence Gathering

Can you recall the restaurant you went to on your first date? Did you know the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in your home country has been amalgamated with another government agency, which you have no clue of because you have been away for a long time? Have you been filing all expenses you jointly incur with your partner / spouse? We guess the answer is a negative for many – yes, we are surprised too occasionally. But that’s life!

Perhaps at no point in your life, prior to now, would you have thought residing in a different country for good is a possibility. If you had, you would probably have identified the Australian Visa Type of your choice a while back. Having done that, you would probably have started gathering the relevant evidence too to support your application.

Evidence gathering is probably the most time consuming activity in the process. Not everything you need is within easy reach. Other parties may be involved, whose time you can’t dictate. It is important to make time for this. You have to plan for it.

3. Murphy’s Law

“anything that can go wrong will go wrong”

… let’s hope it doesn’t. The tendency is to perceive Murphy’s Law in a negative light. It doesn’t have to be. The wrongcan be a change that may work out well for you. With the foresight of planning, you can take advantage of the wrongto make it work for you. Do we need an example? Leaving room for possibilities is always a good idea for any endeavour. This can only happen with planning.

So, when is the right time? When you have made the decision to live in Australia, NOW is a good time to kick-off the process. Proper planning can save you:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Stress and anxiety

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