The majority of Australians celebrate Easter even if they don’t follow the Christian traditions. Easter is a wonderful time for family and friends to get together and have fun. The celebrations start with Good Friday, which is always a public holiday in Australia. This is a great day to spend with your close family, relaxing at home or you could attend one of the many festivals that take place over Easter weekend.


Eventfinda is a great source for Easter events that will be taking place in Perth or around WA. A fun favourite for families is the Easter Forest Walk.

The main day of Easter for most Australians is Easter Sunday. Some families will attend religious celebrations on the day while others view it as a day to be spent with family and friends.


The day can start with hot cross buns for breakfast. These are a yummy, sweet bun with candied and spiced fruits. These are more traditionally eaten on Good Friday as part of the Christian tradition. The cross on the buns symbolises the death of Christ on Good Friday. Today many families across Australia eat them on the Sunday and during the lead up to Easter.

The highlight of the day for many children is the big Easter egg hunt. Parents set up hunts across their gardens for Easter Eggs. Hunts can also be huge community events and involve hundreds of people or small with just the family involved.

Lunch is traditionally a roast of some sort such as lamb or beef with roasted vegetables. The whole family will gather around the table for lunch and enjoy time together. Afternoons are spent with the adults relaxing and kids going through all the Eggs and sweets they found on the egg hunt.

If you would like to do something for Easter lunch and you are looking for inspiration check out these websites:


LifeStyle Food

You will find a variety of recipes from the traditional to more modern ideas.

Only in Australia

A new Easter tradition in Australia is the Easter Bilby instead of the Easter bunny. The idea was established in 1991 to try and bring awareness to Australia’s endangered animals. In Australia the rabbit is considered a pest and has done huge amounts of damage to the land from which it will never recover. A number of local chocolate companies now make bilbies at Easter and the profits from the sales of the bilbies goes towards saving these cute creatures.

Have a very blessed and safe Easter.

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