Work and Holiday Visa Israel

Work and Holiday Visa

between Israel and Australia Announced.

Do you want to Work and have a Holiday in Israel?

Do you live in Israel, and want to Work and Holiday in Australia?


The Australian and Israeli Government have recently signed an agreement. This agreement will let 500 Australians and 500 Israelis aged between 18 and 30 years experience an amazing opportunity. This is to enjoy holidaying and working in each others countries.

Young Israeli citizens can apply for a subclass 462 work and holiday visa to Australia.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has not yet announced a start date for this program.

There are some amazing cultural insights into Israeli culture for young Australians that take this up. The ability to work is also a bonus to anyone wanting to experience another countries culture. This is an exciting opportunity to broaden the horizons of young adults from both Australia and Israel.

This Visa will let you live, work and holiday for up to 1 year, in total, while you are there.

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