illegal maritime arrivals

DIBP Announce changes to processing for family stream visa applications who’s sponsors were  Illegal Maritime Arrivals.

Today the Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection (DIBP) has announced that it is changing the processing priority of family stream visa applicants who’s sponsors are classified as Illegal Maritime Arrivals (IMA’s).

This change in processing priority effects all on-hand and future applications.

DIBP’s news release indicates that new applicants will face several years of waiting for an outcome of their application. DIBP also states that there is no priority for families sponsored by an IMA who are facing compelling or compassionate circumstances.

Further to this, DIBP indicate that applicants who have already lodged valid applications and have paid the Visa Application Charge (V AC) will not be refunded the VAC even if they withdraw their application, unless one of the existing provisions relating to refunds applies in their case. The DIBP goes on to say that it recommends affected applicants cancel any travel plans, and appointments for DNA tests, and health and character checks.

The DIBP has also removed the 4000 additional places allocated under the family
stream of the migration program which previously catered for applications sponsored by

THE DIBP states that the Humanitarian Program is not a viable alternative for IMAs wanting to reunite with family who remain overseas. Permanent residents who arrived in Australia as IMAs on or after 13 August 2012 are no longer eligible to propose applicants under the Humanitarian Program.

DIBP also state that those who arrived before 13 August 2012 may continue to propose applicants under the Humanitarian Program, but will be given lowest priority and are unlikely to be

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